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We are so excited to be opening our doors!

Grab one of these opening specials before August, 2022 and come see what we are all about!


Health and Wellness Starter Package!

For a limited time, grab the Opening Health and Wellness Starter Package!

4 session for just $150!

Email HERE to grab it!

Half hour Pilates Reformer intro!

Learn about the benefits of using the PIlates Rerformer in this half hour intro. You will use the machine to strenghen the core, work on your fleixilbity and see how it can help improve your posture. 

Email to sign up now!


Postural Assessment

The Alexander Technique addresses the root causes of spinal compression and pain by teaching you to become aware of your postural habits and guiding you toward better use of your body.

 In this postural assessment, Heather will help you to recognize how your movement patterns are contributing to your recurring difficulties and pain. By analyzing your overall movement patterns instead of only the symptoms Heather goes right to the root of the issue and helps you identify where some chronic pain and tension may be coming from.

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