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Practitioners at Stony Brook Wellness Collective

We all have our own individual businesses but work together as a team to bring our clients the most holistic and comprehensive experience possbile. 


Heather Snyder Ippolito has been teaching the Alexander Technique, yoga and pilates for over 15 years and has a deep commitment to helping people find their mind/body connection and rediscover freedom and ease in their bodies. Heather understands that every person that comes to see her is a distinct individual with unique needs, priorities, and challenges on their journey towards optimal health. She structures each private session for exactly what that person needs and works with them to create a program that will help them meet their personal goals. Heather will analyze exactly what in a person's posture and movement pattern is causing them pain and discomfort and teach them how to make positive and sustainable changes. She includes yoga and pilates exercises in her sessions for those looking for specific exercises to support the postural changes they are making. Heather finds great joy in helping people feel better, emotionally and physically.

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Kerri Troffa


Kerri teaches group/individual classes in Meditation, Chair Yoga and QiGong. She also offers Anxiety and Grief Coaching to assist individuals through the healing process. She has been a public school teacher for 27 years. She has incorporated her love for Yoga and Meditation into the curriculum to help her students manage stress and anxiety,so that they can be at their best when learning new skills. This experience has helped her to develop strategies to help adolescents and adults, manage their relationships with others, handle daily activities and achieve a more peaceful life.


Kerri is also a Dyslexia Practitioner, certified through Wilson Reading, and offers specialized reading services, parent advocacy and organizational study skills. 

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Adam is a Licensed Massage Therapist who has been practicing massage and bodywork for the past 9 years. During the early years of his career he trained under an experienced acupuncturist, furthering his understanding and application of Eastern modalities while learning techniques such as cupping and energy work. Blending these with Western modalities of bodywork has allowed Adam to help his clients over the years whether their issues have been straight-forward and common, or complicated and unique. Chronic pain, old/new injuries, compensation issues, preparing for or recovering from events, or just the need to slow down, relax and reset - Adam will tailor your appointment to your specific needs.
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